January 16, 2019

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Inauguration of Market Research Association (Yangon) Speech by Minister of Planning and Finance

  Inauguration of Market Research Association was held at Chatrium Hotel in Yangon on Wednesday, 10th October 2018. Firstly, U Myint Thaung, Minister of Planning and Finance of Yangon Regional Government, expressed his appreciation to U Moe Kyaw, Founder and Chairman of Market Research Association (MRA) Yangon and everyone who has put their great effort in organizing the association. He said he was pleased to announce that the opening of Market Research Association (Yangon). He revealed that he took Mathematical Statistics as his major in Yangon Institute of Economics with his mate, U Shu Kyin, the Chairman of Myanmar Statistical Association (MSA). That is why he has a great passion and interest in this area and if there would be any requests, he is ready to fulfill any tasks given for MRA and willing to support it as necessary. He also said that market research services have been introduced since 1993 and it has already been the milestone of 25 years. As the market has become widely scattered, there are various kinds of commodities and food-stuffs and services that can support to consumers. These facts are important in economic decision of respective companies and economic policy of the country as well. Moreover, he stated that he would gladly accept any advices that would be given on issues of which sectors need to be developed in the benefit of Yangon Region Government and so on. He concluded the speech by requesting that if Yangon Region Government needs any data of Market Research, the association would be cooperate as needed.  
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