About Us

About Us

About MMRD Group

MMRD was founded in 1992 by U Moe Kyaw and quickly established itself as a leading market research company and publisher of the first trade directory in Myanmar – the Yangon Directory.

Today, the MMRD Group and its affiliated companies employ over 600 staff across three core divisions: Research Services, Publications, and Trading.

MMRD Publications provides marketing services to small and medium sized enterprises across Myanmar, primarily through 15 regional and sector specific directories. The division’s nationwide database, relationships with trade associations and 20,000 clients, and knowledge about Myanmar’s business environment is unparalleled.

MMRD Trading is MMRD’s youngest division and represents a number of international brands in Myanmar, including Hermann Miller.

About MMRD Research Services

MMRD Research Services has been a core part of MMRD since 1992, providing services for local and international businesses, aid organizations, UN Agencies and multi-lateral trade agencies to support their projects and activities in Myanmar.

MMRD Research Services has historically been organized in three units: Consumer/Market & Media Insights, Business Insights and Social Insights. In 2014, the consumer research-focused unit  teamed up with global market research leader AC Nielsen to form the Nielsen-MMRD joint venture.

MMRD Research Services draws on the experience and skills of 250 full-time and 200 project-based resources. It has conducted close to half a million door-to-door interviews out of 24 regional offices, and more than 6,000 focus groups.

Founder and Managing director of MMRD Group.
U Moe Kyaw

U Moe Kyaw

Founder and Managing director of MMRD Group

Born in the United Kingdom, U Moe Kyaw returned to Myanmar in 1990 with a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Westminster, London. In 1992, U Moe Kyaw introduced and published Yangon’s first comprehensive directory of businesses. U Moe Kyaw then founded Myanmar Marketing Research & Development Co., Ltd, making it the largest company in the field of marketing and research in Myanmar. U Moe Kyaw is also the former Secretary of the National Economic Social Advisory Council (NESAC), a Central Executive Committee member of the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI), Chairman  of Myanmar Research Association (MRA) Yangon, founder of Rotary Myanmar, member of the ASEAN Business Advisory Council, treasurer of the Yangon Heritage Trust (YHT), and founder of several trade associations.

Myanmar Market Research Development Co., Ltd.

U Aung Min

Research Consultant

U Aung Min has over 20 years of research experience in both the public and private sectors. His strong experience in analyzing and explaining the socio-economic trends that have shaped Myanmar over the last two decades has made him a leading expert in the local market research industry. As the Research Consultant of MMRD, U Aung Min brings a very wide range of experiences and expertise that can prove in the fast moving Myanmar landscape. U Aung Min has a deep understanding of business, industry and social researches that are driving Myanmar today. As a recognized expert in his field, U Aung Min sits on the board of various national organizations such as the National Export Strategy Committee and the Myanmar Market Research Association. He is also a visiting lecturer at the Trade Training Institute of the Ministry of Commerce.

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Social Responsibility

MMRD is a prominent partner of many business ventures in Myanmar. As such, we feel it is our mission to actively promote investments that are socially responsible and have a positive impact on communities.To further support the responsible growth and economic development of Myanmar, MMRD has been involved or is currently involved with various entities including:

  • The UMFCCI : the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (U Moe Kyaw is CEC)
  • The ASEAN Business Advisory Council
  • The Greater Mekong Sub-region Business Council
  • The National Economic & Social Advisory Council (NESAC): U Moe Kyaw is Secretary
  • The Yangon Heritage Trust (YHT): U Moe Kyaw is Treasurer
  • The Rotary Club of Yangon
  • The Myanmar Retailers association
  • The Palaung Tea Growers Association
  • Marketing  Research Association Myanmar ( under registration)
  • The ACMECS (political, economic, and cultural organization among Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar)