Agriculture as an economic driver

Agriculture as an economic driver

Image result for shan state agricultureIt’s common to see roads in Shan State full of trucks loaded with vegetables. The state produces 60 percent of all vegetables consumed within the country.Some of the crops are even exported to neighbouring countries.The state government now says that it is making moves to place more emphasis on developing agriculture over tourism as Shan has the potential to become an agricultural powerhouse in Myanmar and the region.

There are huge economic prospects in Shan State’s agriculture. If investors tap this potential sustainably, there will be good outcomes for both the state and investors. Many farmers in the state still use traditional methods.The State produces and reaps abundant harvests, there are still insufficient supporting services. Germany-based international retais and wholesale company METRO Wholesale has expanded in Shan State to get products directly from farmers and livestock breeders to distribute in other parts of the country. The government of Shan State is planning to carry out a short-term project to develop agriculture, and a long-term investment project to increase investment in the state.One of the issues is the market, which is hardest to achieve.

The produce of Shan State such as avocado, mango, others is exported to Asian countries, and coffee and tea is exported even to America and European countries.Although Shan State has good potential for sustainable agricultural development, it still has many challenges to overcome, from production to market development.Considerable effort will have to be made to see even more trucks carrying agricultural goods running along Shan State’s roads to regional and global markets.

Source: Myanmar Times 


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