Study Report: PMI Panel Survey

Study Report: PMI Panel Survey

About the Study

The PMI Survey that is conducted by MMRD is the first ever panel survey in Myanmar, that covers the manufacturing sector in 5 cities across the country based on questionnaire responses from panels of senior purchasing executives or similar positions in over 400 companies.

Questionnaires are completed in the second half of each month and the survey results are then processed by Markit’s economists. Respondents are asked to state whether business conditions for a number of variables have improved, deteriorated or stayed the same compared with the previous month. Reasons for any changes are also requested from respondents.

Understanding PMI

Purchasing Managers’ Index™ (PMI™) series are monthly economic surveys of carefully selected companies compiled by Markit®. They provide an advance signal of what is really happening in the private sector economy, by tracking variables such as output, new orders, employment and prices across key sectors.

Purchasing Managers’ Index™ (PMI™) surveys are key economic indicators for the world’s largest economies and emerging markets. Survey participants have FREE ACCESS to this valuable economic information, which aids business planning and supplier negotiations. Markit Economics conducts monthly surveys of carefully selected companies in the manufacturing, services, construction and retail sectors of 30 countries. The survey results produce data that track changes in variables such as output, new orders, stock levels, supplier performance, employment and prices. All of this information is freely available to participating companies.

Why take part?

PMI surveys provide participants with a FREE source of credible, highly-regarded business intelligence. The timely information available to participants helps them to better understand underlying economic conditions and identify turning points in the economic cycle. This enables improved business planning and purchasing strategy.

How to take part in PMI survey in Myanmar?

If you are interested in taking part in the PMI survey and registering your manufacturing company in the PMI Panel, please contact MMRD Business Insight for more information.



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