Master Plan for New Yangon City Completed

Master Plan for New Yangon City Completed

Image result for new yangon cityNew Yangon Development Company Ltd (NYDC) said that the master plan for New Yangon City, which is planned to accommodate 1.2 million people, was recently completed by AECOM. Master plan was drafted in a way to identify the most efficient land use which included infrastructure, economic development, environmental planning, transportation planning, social and cultural planning after conducting a thorough analysis.

NYDC selected one of the three proposed alternate plans prepared by AECOM under the scientific approach of Sustainable Systems Integration Model, which measure the KPIs in four major categories: Connected Neighborhood, Workforce Environment, Sustainable Urban Structure, and Green Infrastructure. Moreover, the proposed transitional zone between the existing villages and the new city development will provide a livable city and satisfy the sustainable development goals.

The role of the master planner for New Yangon City is to create a safe, smart, and livable city for up to 1.2 million habitants, as well as achieve a land-use mix that would lead to the creation of 900,000 jobs by 2050 as per New Yangon City’s Socio-Economic Study, conducted by McKinsey.

Source: Myanmar Business Today 

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