Energy market assessment for innovative technologies for rural communities

Energy market assessment for innovative technologies for rural communities

MMRD conducted an energy market assessment to understand the supply and demand for clean energy in rural communities. The study was also designed to learn more about the needs of the selected communities, their livelihoods and social cohesion dynamics.

About the client

MMRD conducted the assessment for an international humanitarian relief and development organization which partnered with a UN agency and a technology-focused non-profit organization to improve market-based livelihood opportunities for rural populations, in particular women and youth, and expand their access to innovative technologies, such as solar products and fuel efficient cook stoves.

About the study

MMRD was contracted to conduct a qualitative and quantitative study with the following objectives:

  • Assess supply and demand for alternative energy products
  • Map the market and energy distribution systems
  • Identify local and upstream distributors and relevant energy products for target communities

For this study, MMRD conducted:

  • Technology fairs in each sample location
  • KIIs with village-level administrative authorities
  • FGDs in each sample location with local commercial businesses and end users of clean energy products
  • Household surveys to collect quantitative data for the energy market assessment

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